Cynthia Revström


I am Cynthia, a nerdy girl who does computer stuff.

I would call myself security research hobbyist. :P

I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden.

Things about me

Some of my current projects include a personal BGP network (AS57782) and my WHOIS service.
WHOIS Source Code: Github bitcynth/whois-v2

E-mail me:
Chat with me: IRC (

Various links related to me such as social profiles

My blog:

GitHub: bitcynth

Twitter: bitcynth

Discord: Cynthia#0709


Some of my smaller or older projects:

taint-info - A tool to view information about Linux kernel taint

please - A parody version of su (it is terrible, don't use this)

cloag (Cynthia's LOA Generator) - A tool to generate LOA PDF files, not very good or stable

.gov Stats - a tool to check the security reporting email address for a .gov domain. Source code

Things you might recognize me from: DigiCert certificate on MDSP (

Weird Extended Validation (EV) things like this

RIPE NCC Security Hall of Fame

I have also helped a bit (some paid and some unpaid) with a game called Vintage Story.